Centrum hearing opening times in Glasgow

In the Glasgow of 8 Branches, 3 companies. The biggest: Cochlear (5 branches), Amplifon (2 branches) and Hidden Hearing (1 branch).

'At 47, I discovered I am autistic – suddenly so many things made sense' [19 10 2020 05:30:02]

Other people’s lives always seemed more effortless, but it took my daughter’s autism diagnosis to realise whyUntil last year I had no idea I was autistic. I knew I was different and I had always been told I was “too sensitive”. But I don’t fit the dated Rain Man stereotype. I’m a CEO, I’m married, I have two children. Autism is often a hidden disability.Other people made life seem easy and effortless while, before my diagnosis, I always operated with some level of confusion. I was able to achieve a lot and I used to attribute this to the strong work ethic I inherited from my dad but now I have no doubt that he was autistic, too. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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